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Ever wondered why CMS is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays? Ever thought about how your business will be convenient if a CMS is implemented on your website?

Innovate, Captivate, Dominate: Expert CMS Website Development Service

CMS Website Development services involve the creation and management of websites using Content Management Systems. These services are sought after by businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to establish an online presence or enhance their existing websites.

  • 01. No Web Programming Experience? No Problem!
  • 02. Easy Collaboration and Access
  • 03. Advanced SEO Tools and Plugins
  • 04. Cost Effective and Affordable
  • 05. Security
  • 06. Instant Site Maintenance

What's in for You?


Web Programming

One need not worry about their lack of knowledge or inexperience in web programming languages. We being one of the leading CMS website design and development services in Bangalore.


Our Customization

At Swaragh, being one of the top leading custom CMS website development companies in Bangalore, we provide you with customized patterns and designs based on your specification and then hand over the credentials for uploading your requirements.


Enhancing your Brand

Digital marketing is one strong forte that we possess. If by any chance you happened to read this line from our website, which has bought you closer to us it is all thanks to our digital marketing skills.


No trespassers entertained

In this technically advanced world, along with the ethical usage of technology, it turns out to be equally exploited through various means. Data accumulation has been the greatest scam in recent times and this has alerted users to be secure about their privacy.


Worthwhile cost benefits

There is not much cost spent in maintaining a CMS website. It is a cost-friendly way of building your websites and also provides easy trial and error methods without much time as it is handy to use and easy to manipulate things when needed.


Site Maintenance

Being one of the leading CMS website development services in the market for more than 16 years, our team has the expertise to devise the tactics that can have a very easy breezy take on your website.

Our capabilities

At Swaragh Technologies, we specialize in delivering top-notch CMS Website Development services to elevate your online presence. Our team excels in providing user-friendly solutions that empower you to take control of your website effortlessly.


We have our own bespoke or customized CMS that we built from the ground up, including the code and backend. This is based only on our UI and use case. As a result, we have full control over the platform's operation, user experience, and upgrades. As a result, a tailored solution will be available to our clients who wish to rely on our customized user interface for their CMS website development needs.


WordPress is one of the most powerful website development platforms available, and Swaragh is the greatest WordPress development company available. We are a company that specialises in leveraging all of the capabilities given by this fantastic platform to the fullest and presenting you with a sturdy and secured website. We ensure that the website is SEO-friendly and has a good ranking without jeopardizing the style and aesthetics of your site. Swaragh is the one-stop premium gateway for all your WordPress requirements, regardless of whether your company is modest, moderate, or massive.


Swaragh is a specialist in WIX, which is also one of the most popular CMS platforms for building websites. This is another popular platform since it provides different tools that allow the developer to combine various templates and designs based on the appropriate need the requirement. WIX is very popular due to its ease of use and the fact that it is an open-source technology. This is an ideal spot for folks who need to do numerous tasks. Swaragh has been delivering clients with websites and CMS services for over 16 years.


Shopify stands as a leading e-commerce platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to establish and manage their online presence with ease. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features, Shopify streamlines the process of setting up an online store, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses. The platform provides a wide range of customizable templates, enabling merchants to create visually appealing and unique storefronts that align with their brand identities. Beyond aesthetics, Shopify excels in functionality, offering tools for inventory management, secure payment processing, and seamless order fulfillment.

Our Process

Swaragh provides lightning-fast responses to client bids and questions. Because of the passion and inventiveness displayed in our works, we have consistently been appreciated and favored by our clientele. We are extremely sophisticatedly subtle in carrying out our obligations and making it easier for our precious clients to work with us with ease and comfort when it comes to completing work and processing. We are interested enough to try new genres of works, and it has always been a delight to try something new with each unique project. So, as soon as we receive your quotation for your project, our entire team is looking forward to meeting you and discussing the service you anticipate from us. We follow a simple 7-step structure which includes the time from which we undertook the work to the end of the work.


Collection Proces

The first and most important duty before beginning a website for any company is to learn about that firm. We provide a questionnaire inquiring about the sort of business, the owner's thoughts and goals, the key demographic, aspirations from the webpage, and so on.


Conceptualization Process

Our front-end development team will then examine the prerequisites for creating the website, such as the framework to operate on and the resources to employ, and build a concept appropriately. We come up with more than one layout for the clients to choose from the best out of them.


Conferral Process

When the layout is complete, we display it to our clients and solicit comments. If appropriate, all essential adjustments are made until the layout is accepted by the customer. Also since more than one template is given to the clients, they have a choice to go forward with the project.


Back end development

After the customer approves the concept, our back-end programming team begins work on the database for the e-commerce platform. This is where the real development process takes place as it gives life, shape, and structure to the project.



We utilize established procedures to fully examine your website for flaws or malware threats and ensure that it is secure to use. The responses assist us in gaining a basic understanding and moving forward on the appropriate path.


Quality Analysis

At this point, we give the project to our clients for another round of trial and error; if any more changes are needed, they may be made and validated before the project is launched. If any errors are being done by our clients, then they can be corrected or improved as per the client’s wish.



After testing, we will release the webpage on your effective provider for you and your audience to access and utilize. Also, this stage will mark the beginning of a new relationship that we trust is going to be an everlasting one.

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What is the cost of developing a CMS website development?

Swaragh Technologies is a boutique firm that values our clients specifications, money, and endeavor, as well as project customization, and so on. We market a model that focuses on all of the following criteria. As per your CMS website requirements, we will be producing you the website plan of action which will be discussed with you thoroughly and then proceeded.

What is a CMS website development?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a technology that allows you to create, control, and change a website even if you lack particular technological skills or experience. CMS allows you to create and customize a website without needing to type any code.

Which is the best CMS website builder available in India?

WordPress and Wix are two of the best CMS website design development builders available in India. We at Swaragh have experts who help you with website building, blog maintenance, and many other services which can be achieved through this website.

Why are CMS services important in today’s world?

The more complex the website, the more difficult its maintenance. However, with the help of a CMS, the task of updating, inserting, or replacing files becomes much easier. Our clients may design their own websites using the dynamic CMS website construction option. We also offer customized CMS website development to our clients.

Which will be your preference? Open source or closed source?

Our successful roster at CMS website development company in Bangalore, India understands the capabilities and restrictions of both closed and open source CMS and prefers open source CMSs over closed source CMSs because they are more adaptable and preserved by a solely devoted developer community rather than proprietary software CMSs that demand significant forthright licensing and alteration fees that boost the customer's finances.

Is there migration services also available with the CMS provided by you guys?

We do, indeed. People nowadays are constantly looking for a network that is easy to administer and has higher ranks. They may choose to move their old dataset and create a new shape with wholly new functionalities, in which case CMS migration services come into play, which safely relocates your data to a whole new CMS software. We guarantee complete and error-free data migration.

Do you guys also help in publishing blogging or publishing tools?

Swaragh offers a powerful CMS that enables you to create interesting, elevated concentrations as part of your SEO strategy. With the expertise in the most recent technology and a diverse variety of standardized publishing tools for making your business stands out and distinct from competitors.

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