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Are you looking for the leading content writing agency in Bangalore that helps you pour in your thoughts precisely as it is to your readers? Do you want your ideas to be executed in the best way possible?

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We at Swaragh Technologies have been looking out for potential clients like you to help in moving forward with the content writing of your desired style and choice.

When you visit a website, apart from the design, the content tells you what this site is all about. It is imperative to have well-researched content as this is what guides a reader to his intended destination. We, being one of the best content writing services in Bangalore, have been curating and writing content for many clients which has helped them in bringing up their firm and business to more than the heights expected.

Content writing or content authoring is an art form. That is why we place such a premium on it. We, at Swaragh, believe that content writing services are something that should be done with in-depth research and utmost honesty. Another aspect we consider while creating content is information dissemination. Without a question, this has propelled us to the top of the content writing company in Bangalore.

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Why should content writing agencies in Bangalore be opted for?

Content writing is very much needed as it is the way of communication that takes place Between a display and the user itself. One thing to be kept in mind always is that content is the king and hence the finest service must be picked to get it done. Hence we at Swaragh have been delighted to tell you how fortunate you are to have discovered the leading content service agency in Bangalore. Here right below, we are giving you the most convincing reasons for you to not back out from taking our services and how we have been helping businesses to scale up their reach through our exceptional content editorial team.


Customer Engagement

Do you want your website to flood in with customers? Then we are the solution providers for you to achieve this. Nowadays, there is always a website for every fundamental if you notice. When people really need to get something done, searching online is the most preferred solution. And how can you persuade a consumer to come to you when they want a service in your industry? It is your website that saves the day. And in order to get to the facts, they want content that will assist them in processing your services. Hence Swaragh Technologies, being one of the leading content writing companies in Bangalore, provides you with highly engaging content to attract customers.


High increase in ranking due to SEO style of writing

As per your requirement, we always make sure that our content is styled exactly in an SEO format. This approach is being followed since it will help your website rank higher in search results owing to its content. This writing style is typically used since our creative team has deciphered the Google algorithm and determined that this is the best potential algorithm for your website to rank top. The content is creatively curated as per this which will earn you more potential clients and hence boost your business. When more customers are landing on your website, then there is more traffic which leads to increased visibility of your website to many more clients.


Making your content the voice of your brand

Since content is the only plausible way to communicate to a large number of people about your business and services, why step back and not come to the best content writing service in the industry? Yes, we were hinting to you all this while about us. Just like how our content is been disguised as our voice and communicating with you all this while, come to us and we will give you the best content suitable for your company/brand’s uniqueness. We never believe in fabricating anything which you are not, in turn, helping you to reach greater heights by availing of our services. We have been delivering content for the past 16 years for several brands which is why people still come to us.


Honest and well-researched content

One thing which Swaragh Technologies never compromise is the integrity of the contents that they deliver. We always ensure that the content is well-researched as we have an excellent team of content writers who spent extensive hours on a serious note. We constantly make certain that we deliver the content on schedule. These are some of the simple formulas we have been following throughout the years to still retain our place of being the leading content writing agency in Bangalore. We can perhaps call our content writers having an eagle-eye focus, which makes the content to be true to its word cause as previously stated, we never bluff people on what they see

Our Services

We at Swaragh Technologies offer a wide range of content writing services to our clients. When we told you guys we are a one-stop solution provider to all your queries, we meant it. With a legacy of 16+ years, we are proud to tell you that we have delivered much content in several styles and disciplines which has made us the leading content writing agency in Bangalore. Dive in to understand about and comprehend the many services offered by Swaragh.

Website writing

Website writing is a content writing approach in which we produce content for a complete website. Right from the start of the home page, to the contact us page, we cater to and curate the data for the website. We take up the requirements of our clients and create the magic of curating content as per the specification.

Swaragh, being one of the leading content writing agencies in Bangalore has written website content for more than 50+ websites by now.

Blog writing

This is a favorite of all writers. As a result, the competition is fierce. Blog writing is a casual means of expressing the writer's viewpoint on a selected topic. Blogs may be entertaining, serious, instructive, light reading, and a variety of other things. As a result, it is the most popular type of reading. Check out our blogs to have a better understanding of blog writing.

We at Swaragh one of the leading content writing companies in Bangalore have written several blogs for Swaragh and also for several other organizations. Currently, our writers are writing blogs on a regular basis for our clients.

Article writing

Article writing is a style of writing wherein a lot of extensive research is to be done. When the content of an article, is more or less writing a real-time incident or covering some latest events. Usually, in article writing, there are several styles based on which one can have their content written.

We at Swaragh which is one of the leading content writing agencies in Bangalore have been writing articles for several clients in different disciplines.

SEO writing

With over 15 years of expertise and over 100 clients, we are well-equipped to stay current with the quickest growing sector and its ever-changing trends. Our SEO staff is well-versed in white hat SEO tactics that have benefited countless firms to achieve success. Our SEO techniques are perfectly linked with your company/brand and target demographic.

Swaragh Technologies, one of the leading content writing firms has been delivering SEO-rich content which has tweaked the traffic of the website to a great extent.

Social media content

Nowadays, everybody is on social media. It is rare to come across a person who has no mark on any of the social media platforms. In today’s world of social media influencers and brand promotions, content writing is still what rules them. Hence we produce content for such posts and also undertake several promotion works.

Swaragh Technologies, a leading content writing firm in Bangalore with 16+ years of legacy has been managing the social media profiles of several personalities and brands.

Press release writing

A press release is a piece of writeup that majorly discusses an event, product launch, or a piece of brief information on any event that took place in recent times. Press releases are very much important for business-related occasions as it is most evident to write on such scenarios most of the time.

Swaragh Technologies, one of the best content writing firms in Bangalore, has written press releases for a number of well-known personalities as well as commercial events.


When you want to improve your brand awareness or put up some writing on banners and posters, that is where copywriting comes into the equation. If you want persuasive or engaging content for your promotional materials, then catering your content in a copywriting style is the best recommended.

Swaragh Technologies have been able to be the best content writing company in Bangalore because of its right way of choosing the styles of writing.

Advertisement writing

Advertisement writing is a technique of advertising in which the product is given face value. This type of writing focuses on marketing a business by providing it with a unique slogan or jingle that should stick in the viewer's brain forever. This is where we put most of our thinking as here, it is the creativity that helps us to stand out.

Swaragh technologies, one of the leading content writing agencies in Bangalore has given several advertisement contents to several brands and several other profiles from various disciplines.

Email writing

Though nowadays there are several ways to communicate to a client, it is always the evergreen e-mail that we use to communicate as it is more formal and also has a significant impact than using any other media. There are several styles of emails that can be drafted based on the subject of the email. Also, we specialised in cold email writing.

Swaragh Technologies, one of the leading content writing agencies in Bangalore have writers who can help you construct the written format of mail w.r.t the need.

Technical writing

Do you notice a manual that comes along with every electrical gadget you buy? That is what technical writers do. They write manuals and software instructional materials that will help to decode the working of the machinery. This manual helps you to look through the hardware or any malfunctioning all by yourself with the help of the technical writing concepts.

Swaragh technologies, one of the leading content writing agencies in Bangalore has a team dedicated to technical writing who helps you to draft manuals for your documents.

Proofreading and editing

We provide proofreading and editing, which entails a review of websites, blogs, or any other type of material for the purpose of double-checking the website. This technique of ours has contributed to the content piece being legible, precise, and error-free. We take on projects that already have content and tweak it to make the greatest use of it for marketing.

Swaragh Technologies, one of the best content writing services in Bangalore, proofread a large amount of literature and assisted in the optimization of traffic to the corresponding content.

Our Process

Swaragh, being the leading content writing agency in Bangalore, has had a very smooth and easy-going process as it will avoid further hassles as it might be a new journey wherein it can last for a long period of time. We are concerned about this since we still have clients that employ our services because we have provided them with promised outcomes.


Write your pitch to us

When you stumble upon an idea and want to make it happen, we are right here to give your dreams wings. We here at Swaragh, manifest your side of the story into a creative tale, by glorifying your efforts and success. Hence write your pitch to us and let's discuss work over coffee.


Understanding your story

Once we come across your pitch, we arrange a meeting with you and our creative team who are in charge of the curation of content, and the digital marketing team. You can comfortably discuss and narrate your ideas and viewpoints which our team will analyze and start writing the piece you asked for.


The writing part

Based on the discussion that takes place between you and our writing team, they craft a masterpiece as per your specifications yet make you stand out via narration. Our writers at Swaragh have a wealth of expertise and understand how to deliver material in a way that keeps the viewers riveted to the screen.


The editing part

When our authors have completed their content writing, our editorial staff takes over and begins examining the published material. They may occasionally stumble across typos or grammar problems here, which are corrected as discovered. We adopt this format because it ensures that the material we send you is double-checked and error-free.


Delivery as per schedule

After passing on to all these stages, your content is ready to deliver. We even have a review session with you and only after your approval will the content be published as per your requirements. If any further content is to be removed or added as per your wish, the same can be undertaken and the needful will be done.


What are the procedures to be followed to place a quote for availing of Swaragh's content writing solutions?

If you are looking to place a quote to our content writing agency in Bnagalore you can request a quote on the contact us page and place your query or call us on +91 9845813007. You can also mail us at info@swaragh.com.

How much is the charge for a 500-1000 word article?

The prices will be impacted by the level of the content and the need of your customer. We have varying word counts for various price levels. For additional information, please call +91 9845813007 or mail us at info@swaragh.com.

What are the various content writing services that you provide?

The services we provide in content writing services are as follows:

  • Website writing
  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • SEO writing
  • Social media content
  • Press release writing
  • Copywriting
  • Advertisement writing
  • Email writing
  • Technical writing
  • Proofreading and editing
Can I come back to you if the content needs to be tweaked?

If you believe something is omitted from the material or if you want certain modifications, you may request modifications. Our authors will edit the text to your specifications at no extra charge. However, we will be unable to recreate the entire material from fresh because it will be prepared in accordance with your design specification and demands.

How good is the quality of your content?

We exclusively recruit expert writers with at least some number of years of expertise. They are also subjected to many sessions of content tests and analysis before being assigned to various projects.

What USPs makes you guys different from the rest of the content writing agencies?

Our determination to improve the content sector and give complete client pleasure is what genuinely distinguishes us from the opposition. We also have the finest authors, reviewers, and workflow required to guarantee that your material is delivered on time.

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