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Corporate identity is the approach to building yourself as a brand from the fledgling establishment. Being one of the leading branded agency in Bangalore, Swaragh Technologies have been emphasizing and marking the imprints of several companies digital presence by permuting them into versatile brand. Branding, Naming, Logo designing, and web designing are the expertise we offer for your brand evolvement.

Every person can start a company or a firm in his or her expertise. But it takes a lot to build up and come up yourself as a brand. The effort to stand out in every segment along with reasonable credibility is what will make you drive through your journey as a brand. As a Corporate Branding Company generating market ideations, conducting small and large campaigns, and hitting the target audience are some of the services we offer.

Why Corporate Identity Needed?

Corporate identity is crucial for several reasons as it plays a significant role in shaping how a company is perceived by the public, clients, employees, and other stakeholders.


Client Accreditation

Client Accreditation

Branding follows the simple rule of perception. Brands are created by keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the customers. The logo, the colors used, the name, etc helps in giving a lasting impression and also opting for the same.


Market Perspicasity

Market Perspicasity

With a strong digital presence, your brand can reach a global audience. This will help you to imprint your brand digitally which helps you to be a part of better business share in the industry. This helps in high sales for your company boosing your products and services.


Highly Reliable

Highly Reliable

With your brand evolving, you can get acceptance from a global clientele, which in turn will help you to have an excellent clientele with several testimonials, which in turn will help your brand to get more credibility. This is one of the most important factors for your corporate identity.


High Traffic Generation

High Traffic Generation

With the evolution of technology, most business nowadays is handled online which is a very convenient way. By having a reputed business venture, your corporate identity will reach its zenith, which in turn will drive your customers towards your business.

Our Process


Brand Scrutiny

The first step which we undertake is the analysis of your brand, more like performing an audit. This is done to understand the current state of the brand.


Brand Tactics

We help to bridge the gaps that were realized after the bran auditing and come up with a clear plan of action to overcome the problems faced so far.


Brand Delineation

Keeping the strategy map as the reference, your dream brand is rebranded with all the services it requires to establish a stronghold in the industry.


Brand conveyance

After a trial run with the customers, we will present to you the brand for its launch, ready to take over the global audience and support you to get your intended results.

Our Services


Brand Labeling

Every brand is recognized by its name which should be named after much contemplation and related to brand standards.


Brand Framework

Every brand should have its unique name, logo, appropriate color palette, and perfect representation.


Brand Solution

By analyzing the business requirements as per your industry, we analyze your target audience and design and structure your brand accordingly.


Brand Style Guide

As per the services provides, we present to you a style guide that will help your company to be identified and develop as a brand.


Brand Content

Every brand needs taglines and cool phrases related to your business association. We provide the best content for your brand.


Brand Development

Every brand requires an online or a strong virtual presence which in turn will help you to reach a huge spectrum of audiences.


Why is corporate identity important for a brand?

Implementing an effective employer brand virtually guarantees that everyone in the organization exemplifies it consistently when communicating between customers, decision-makers, and prospective consumers. Expertise. A company's individuality helps to position your brand as a reliable experienced professional.

How much does the servicing of corporate identity cost?

If you are looking to place a quote to our Corporate Branding agency in Bnagalore you can request a quote on the contact us page and place your query or call us on +91 9845813007. You can also mail us at

What is the time taken for deliverables?

The time taken for deliverables will be told once the project starts commenced.

What is brand identity design?

The first component of brand identity that emerges in everyone's imagination is symbolizing. However, you must establish a statement or configuration that your prospective customer will consider. The architecture of these components should indicate your brand persona as well as the performance of the products/services you sell. Corporate image is an expenditure that pays dividends year after year and is critical in increasing sales.

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