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Swaragh technologies have been in the market providing its website maintenance and services for the past 16+ years for its wide spectrum of clients from different disciplines. Creating a website is one thing. Maintaining it is the real task. Along with website creation, we are also well-versed in website maintenance which in turn leaves our clientele to have a smooth working experience with the same.

Web maintenance services assist with frequent website updates, security, and performance. The process does not end with the creation and launch of a website. To have a sustainable website, it is critical to keep it always fresh with regular adjustments, timely organization, and the maintenance of a completely updated and responsive website. Join together with Swaragh Group to get your web maintenance services today.

Website upkeep indicates how busy your website or web page is. People prefer to glance at the most recent news items to discover what the company's current situation is. If they discover that the most recent is from a year ago, they will be unwilling to investigate further. As a result, website upkeep increases traffic and new customers to your site. Working with several 500 Fortune companies and start-ups, we have been maintaining websites for several clients from different perspectives now.

If you are looking for a monthly or yearly website maintenance plan, come let’s discuss what best suits you.

Why Do you Need Website Maintenance?


Security Purpose

This is one of the main reasons why one should opt for website maintenance. At times there are software patches or security update that has to be kept on par with the present technology. Since we do not live in an ethical world, there is a reasonable risk that the website will be hacked. Hence website maintenance services can be undertaken for the same.


Better website Traffic

One of the most significant actions that must be undertaken is keeping up with current technological advancements. Traffic to a website rises when the material is frequently modified with current SEO content in all sections of the website. As a result of this, the proper target audiences are targeted and visit your website. Repairing broken links and deleting duplicate sites all contribute to attracting visitors.


Enhancement of User Experience

One thing that draws visitors to your website is that you are constantly optimizing it based on the interests of your audience. Uploading blogs, perhaps newsletter signups, removing obsolete material, and doing site audit to monitor bugs and errors are all practices that can be followed. Maintaining an up-to-date, bug-free website, engaging clients with call-to-action clickables, and so on will benefit your cause.


Brand Promotion

Your website is the face of your brand. It is the way you represent your website, the viewers will have a perception of your brand and will start seeing things through your lens. Updating your website with the most recent items or services you provide, including the most recent technology, having frequent content updates, the integrity of the domain host, and so on will all help.

Our Services

Web Performance analysis

Under this service, we mostly fix issues regarding the speed, loading time, and several other factors of the website. The working of forms and the opening up of each page are improved here.

Website updates and changes

None of our websites are left stagnant after launch. As per the website requirements we keep updating the latest events and also keep a keen eye on the changing trends and implement the same tie to time.

Updation of the coding

Coding is the overshadowed king of any website. It is this coding that will decide the looks and presentation of a website. So as per the trends and customer requirements, we change CSS and HTML coding whenever needed.

Plugin modifications

A plugin is a software piece that helps in the addition of a new feature or helps in extending the functionality of the existing website. Hence we make the necessary modifications in this regard when the requirement demands.

Fixing bugs and troubleshooting

We check the website from time to time to eradicate any sort of bugs that can occur even after codding and security. This helps in fixing the bugs and makes your website error-free and bug-free for smooth use.

Updation of content and formatting

Latest updates, changing of the banner images, content formatting and changes, latest events updation, Addition of new content, and many more services are to be expected from this service.

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What is web maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of analyzing your platform's general health and productivity. The true goal of website maintenance is to maintain your website current with the newest altering developments and user behavior. It boosts your webpage quality by enhancing the consumer experience, making it more differential.

Why should I prefer website maintenance?

Regardless of the sort of website you have, website upkeep is critical for your organization. It renders your website more marketing and quality by providing several benefits such as increased cybersecurity, data timeliness, better client engagement, preventing any mishaps, and more.

What are the web maintenance services provided by your company?

Professional website maintenance services include backups, frequent updates, eliminating spam submissions, server redirection, discovering 404 issues, testing page performance, and many more. All of the facilities supplied by your website maintenance service providers assist your website run more efficiently and effectively. They initially assess problems before providing appropriate solutions.

What is the web maintenance and support by you guys?

The cost of website maintenance is determined by the statement of work consented upon. Quarterly and seasonal fees are applicable for most enterprises. For additional information, please call +91 9845813007 or mail us at

Why is web maintenance important?

Web maintenance is essential for every website since it improves web upkeep, increases user contentment, aids in SEO, assists in security, and facilitates regular updates. Every website needs work ethic or retention solutions to guarantee that all of the website's elements, such as forms, data, graphics, payment options, new locations, and so on, are in good working order. A well-maintained and constantly updated website involves a unique, sophisticated, and adaptable firm, as well as a reputable company identity that customers like exploring on occasion. Consistent website upkeep maintains your customers informed and interested in your business.

How often can I contact your team?

Swaragh’s support group is always available to clear each and every query of yours all day long. For additional information, please call +91 9845813007 or mail us at

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