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Welcome to Swaragh Technologies, your trusted partner for cutting-edge PPC (Pay-Per-Click) services that drive results and maximise your online presence. In today's competitive digital landscape, a strategic and well-executed PPC campaign can be the key to reaching your target audience and achieving your business goals.

  • At Swaragh Technologies, we understand that every business is unique. Our team of PPC experts is committed to tailoring our services to meet your specific needs and objectives.
  • Swaragh Always focuses on transparency, innovation, and results, we strive to be your go-to partner for PPC success.

PPC Services offered by Search Engine Marketing Companies.

PPC Companies in India have become one of the most popular searches amongst businesses today.

Search Advertising:

Be sure to be seen when the customer is looking for your services.

Advertise on the search engine's results page every time your service/product/facility is being searched for.

It is the most effective type of advertising as you can present yourself in front of those people who are explicitly demanding what you offer. This naturally broadens your reach and increases the probability of clicks and conversions.

The most important elements to focus on are bidding, Ads and keywords. We at Swaragh Technologies offer our PPC services in search advertising and focus on:

  • Audience targeting based on behaviour, demographics and interests.
  • Keywords mapping according to search patterns of users
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Increasing leads and sales.
  • Remarketing.

Display Advertising:

Give a visual appeal to your business through your ad.

It is the most popular type of advertising out there.

Display your ads on the websites which are frequently visited by the traffic you want to target.

Provide Google’s display network with your ad and the audience that you want to target.

According to Google, its display network reaches over 90 % of the global internet users expanding to over 2 million sites. Hence, leveraging such a wide range of audiences is a huge advantage for any business. Other than Google Display Network (GDN), your ads can be displayed on Yahoo Network, 3rd party ad networks, leading portals like BBC, Money Control etc.

The reason for the popularity of display advertising is that nothing can compete with the ads that have a visual appeal. It is the quickest sure shot method to catch someone’s attention. We at Swaragh work our best to use this tool to increase the reach of your brand, maximise your sales and lead generation and maximise the traffic to your website or app. We focus primarily on:

  • Making compelling and appealing ads.
  • Managing the placement of your ads.
  • Targeting the audience based on keywords searched.
  • Targeting the audience based on behaviour, interest and demographics.
  • Creating an optimised landing page.
  • Remarketing and in-audience targeting.
  • Evaluating and assessing the results for improvements.

Social media Advertising:

Though a completely different ball game altogether Social Media follows the Pay-per-click pattern.

This includes displaying your ads on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These ads are displayed to users based on demographics, interests or any other parameter gathered by the social media. These ads will then be seen in users feeds or timelines.

The search Engine Marketing team at Swaragh Technologies focuses on:

  • Maximising sales with targeted social media advertising.
  • A thorough research of the audience that has to be targeted based on behaviour, demographics or interest so that the spending on the ads are optimised and it does not go waste on the audience that we know is not going to get converted.
  • Increasing your business reach by targeting similar users on the platforms and displaying your ads to them also.
  • Remarketing Our team working with social media advertising is talented and has expertise in all the latest developments like Facebook ads, LinkedIn and slide share ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, social remarketing, conversion rate optimisation, URL tagging, and CRM integration with the website. Our team very effectively manages all the social media platforms and delivers the best results.

Remarketing and Retargeting:

Remarketing - reminding or re-engaging with your existing customers to tell them about products or services across networks (via emails or any other means of communication).

Retargeting is engaging with people who have already visited your website and interacted with your brand before. It is an artistic way of reminding them consistently and persuading them into converting.

We at Swaragh Technologies do our best as an SEM agency and strategically use Remarketing to ensure result-driven advertising. Here's how:

  • Increasing sales with a remarketing strategy based on user behaviour.
  • Showing ads to the right users at the right time.
  • Optimising spending by targeting the right audience.
  • Remarketing across various networks.

Mobile Advertising:

The usage of mobile has been growing exponentially and such is also the rise in mobile advertising. With millions of users spending at least an hour daily on their phones, this medium cannot be ignored in any marketing campaign.

Swaragh Technologies aspires to be the best Search Engine Marketing Company in Bangalore, India and is always up to date with the latest trends through research and analysis.

We strategically use Mobile Advertising through responsive designs and ad copies to ensure you’re fast-changing and caught up with the trends and thus your customer.

What is Pay Per Click Model?

PPC or pay-per-click is a service in which, instead of earning the visits, an advertiser "buys" those visits. In this model, the advertiser pays a fee each and every time one of his/her ads is clicked. This model is commonly offered by various search engines like Google and social networks like Facebook etc. some popular platforms for PPC advertising are Google ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Now take for instance, if someone searches a keyword related to your business on Google, then various online ads (also known as sponsored links) will occur. Now search engines allow the advertisers to buy placement in the list of all the online ads. Once your business ad gets placed in the list and is shown, then you pay a fee to Google each time that ad gets clicked.

A PPC campaign can be counted as a successful one when the cost paid by a business to a publisher, in order to buy the visitors, is recovered when those visitors become customers and increase the profit.

PPC advertising revolves around keywords. If your business has thoroughly researched the keywords, then you can get a huge number of clicks on your ads, resulting in higher visits to your website, which means higher profits.

What is Required For a Successful PPC Campaign?

This is where we waltz in!

Building an excellent PPC campaign might not be rocket science, but don’t get fooled, it sure isn’t a piece of cake. A lot goes into it. There are a lot of steps and processes involved but you need not worry about any of these because Swaragh Technologies, an established PPC agency in Bangalore, India, is here to help you with all of this. We are a leading PPC company with a team of experienced individuals who have worked with various kinds of businesses, both big and small, and helped them to achieve sky-high sales by building and launching successful ad campaigns. We thoroughly understand your business and vision, your challenges and your competitors and make a data-driven campaign that is sure to generate the maximum results. We assure you the best ROI and ROAs than any other company out there.

First and the biggest task for a successful ad campaign is to create ads that are able to catch the attention of viewers.

We as a generation lack the attention span, so the ads should be creative, intelligent and able to compel the viewer to click it. Our team understands the core idea of your business and makes ads that resonate with your brand’s values and at the same time are appealing and compelling.

The second task is to research and select the right keywords and organize them in a perfect fashion to design well-organized campaigns. The keywords should be such that they are able to lure the traffic. Our team uses professional tools to search keywords for your business and makes sure to include those in all your ads. Increasing the visibility and awareness of your brand is what we aim at!!

The third task is to design the landing pages. A landing page is the stand-alone web page where the viewer will land after he or she clicks your ad. We make sure that your landing page is attractive, crisp and clear. We design it such that it increases conversions from your paid traffic. When such conversions happen, only then your campaign can be truly said to be successful.

Next is bid-management - an important and integral aspect of any PPC campaign. PPC is the game of bidding. No, we’re not kidding. Here you bid for keywords and ad placements to reach the right audience.

Last but not least is performance analysis. We regularly share documented campaign reports with our clients. The clients can easily view the performance of keywords and ads by studying the click-through rates. We do comprehensive ROI tracking and conversion tracking-this helps the clients to know how much they have invested and how much they have earned. The necessary changes are regularly included in the ad campaign according to the trends shown by all these reports.

You need not worry about any of these steps and processes. If a successful ad campaign is what you want, then you have landed on the right page. (See the brilliance of our PPC model- we got you here!!)


What is a PPC company?

A PPC company or a Search Engine Marketing company is a company where a group of marketers will manage and oversee the entire PPC ad campaigns and strategy of other businesses and companies. They take care of everything that is required for strategic planning and execution of a PPC ad campaign like keyword researching, result analysis, optimisation, targeting platforms etc.

What companies use PPC?

PPC advertising is good for:

  • small businesses, freelancers and newly launched businesses as it is not very expensive and does a perfect job in increasing the traffic.
  • It is good for businesses that operate only in specific geographics.
  • Those businesses that require customers only during certain time periods will work well with PPC than SEO as the latter will direct traffic during the unpreferred time period also.
  • It is good for those businesses that work in extremely competitive industries, as it is easier to promote a business with PPC ads on search engines.
  • To sum up, if you have a product or service to offer and your customer is 'Googling' for you then PPC/SEM is for you.
How much does PPC cost in India?

Even the best or the top-most SEM/PPC marketing companies in India can run PPC campaigns for as low as Rs. 500/-.

There is however an agency cost involved which depends from agency to agency.

We at Swaragh Technologies, a PPC company based out of Bangalore, India offer affordable agency charges to our clients.

Which industries use PPC the most?

PPC advertising is a very effective method to increase leads and sales, so as long as a business carries extensive keyword research and combines its strategy with SEO, it can witness great outcomes. There are still some specific industries where the use of PPC is increasing at a very rapid pace like the financial industry, the legal industry and the retail industry. If you are in any of these sectors and not taking the advantage of PPC, then you are missing out on a lot.

How much does Google ad cost in India?

Google ads or any PPC campaign for that matter can be run for a budget as low as Rs. 500/-.

What Makes Us the Best PPC Advertising Company in India?

We are different from the rest of the PPC companies in India because:

  • We understand what your business means to you and hence design a holistic approach in sync with the latest trends so that your business can get a maximum boost.
  • Our team is a group of dedicated and committed members who have an in-depth knowledge of all the modern techniques required for SEM.
  • We are very regular and serious when it comes to tracking the progress of our work and we tweak our strategies accordingly.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority so we make sure to present our support to our clients whenever they need it. We are there for you 24x7.
  • We are very pocket friendly.
  • We have worked with start-ups, small businesses as well as fortune 500 companies and given them all tremendous outcomes. Our rich experience has made us an expert in this field.
  • We are trustworthy and reliable. For us your business is not just a project to be finished, it is a living-breathing entity whose existence and ideas have to be popularized across the globe.
Is Pay per Click (PPC) right for my business?

If it is done well, almost every business can benefit from PPC. Various services like search ads, display ads, social media marketing and retargeting are PPC based. Those products which have high margins, high customer lifetime value and average order value do well with PPC. Hard-to-find / unique products and retailers with a diverse array of products should also look to PPC for growth. (copied hai change)

Why would I pay for search engine advertising?

Search Engine advertising is a cost-effective way for your business to appear high up in the sponsored listings of search result pages, thus enhancing its visibility. It is cost-effective because you have to pay for the clicks you get, so you won’t be paying for an audience that is not interested in your business. Also, it is very easy to measure and analyse the performance while using this route. Hence any business should be very much willing to be paying for search engine advertising.

How long does it take to see results?

It requires approximately three months to see results. The first three months of a PPC campaign focus on collecting data from ads, which can then be used to improve keyword targeting, audience targeting and bids.

Do you offer a package for my business? How much will it cost?

We do offer packages customised to suit your business objectives and budget.

Where will my PPC ads appear?

Depending on the types, your PPC ads can appear in various places. If they are search ads then you will see them on various search engine result pages, if they are display ads then you will see them on websites of various display networks like Google Display Network, If they are social media ads then you will encounter them on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, etc. we help you to choose the best place to publish your ads to increase the traffic of your business.

Why am I not seeing my PPC ads?

There can be various reasons for this. You might not be included in the target audience, the ads might have been rejected, or the budget of the campaign might have got consumed. One more reason can be that the ad schedule and geographic targeting may have limits. The rank or quality score of your ad might not be good, or it can be also due to search results ad fatigue.

I see my competitor’s ads everywhere. How do we do that?

There are umpteen tools that help you to keep a keen eye on your competitor’s activities, and use them. Keep a note of the keywords that they are using. Try and make your ads look better than your competitors. Make higher bids for the spots that they have been using for their ads. You can also bid on branded keywords featuring your competitors and your ads will show up too.

Why is my cost-per-click increasing?

There can be various reasons:

  • The competition for ad space might have increased.
  • If there are a lot of advertisers competing for the same keywords.
  • Changes in quality score, abnormality in some keywords or ad copy might also result in varying CPC.
Should I bid on my brand name?

It is a good practice to bid on your own brand name as it will help in getting better leads that have a higher probability of converting. It helps in grabbing the attention of SERPs and also aids in creating brand awareness and identity. It helps you save on budget as branded words are less expensive than non-branded keywords.

What other services do you offer?

At Swaragh Technologies we offer a plethora of services that make your Digital and Technology journey easy. For comprehensive Digital, Technology and Marketing solutions.

Do you provide reporting for the campaigns?

Yes. We provide reports on a consistent basis.

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